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My first visit to Coney Island

October 7, 2011



Top, above: view of the boardwalk from inside the Dunkin Donuts at the subway station.

It was a cold, blustery, overcast day when Tommy, Mary and I rode out to Coney Island. None of us had ever been, so we hopped on the N train.

We got there around 5pm, and the Lunapark that I saw advertisements for all summer was of course closed since the season was over. Only a skinny black cat was slinking through the park grounds. But we went out to the beach and it was beautiful. The sand was dirty but we took off our shoes and socks anyway and went out to the water’s edge.

There were some skinny teenagers walking along the boardwalk and a youngish couple posing for professional photos in front of the artificial palm tree and along the rocks by the water. A few people walked their dogs along the shore. Behind us, the buildings behind the ferris wheel lit up as the sun set.

So was the train station when we got back.



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