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Learn Italian: Poccio

October 6, 2011

In September I was lucky enough to host two of my Italian friends from Reggio Emilia at my place in the Bronx! We had originally planned for them to visit in July when I was living in Manhattan, but it was more convenient for them to pass through NYC on their way back to Italy (they had been staying in Denver for the summer, learning English and exploring the west coast.)

It was so awesome to get to speak Italian with them again! But we did speak a lot if English too, because they learned it quite well over the summer and wanted to practice as much as possible before going back to Italy.

Nevertheless, I managed to get a few new Italian words out of them. We also had some adventures that I hope to post about in the next few days.

Today’s learn Italian post + cute and funny anecdote is about fast food and the word poccio, which means a strange combination of different things.

In my case, I learned the word when I tried to convince my friends Tommy and Mary to try dipping French fries in a milkshake. They thought I was joking. I couldn’t get them to realize how yummy it truly is. So I promised myself to make them try it before they left. I thought the flavor sensation would win them over.

It didn’t.

They described it as a poccio. So at least I learned a new word.




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  1. Giovanni permalink
    October 17, 2012 6:12 pm

    Your friends must have thought the same I thought sawing people eating chicken nuggets in the ice cream!

    Not easy to feed an italian 😉

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