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Take Good Care

November 20, 2012

Take good care and realize that this city can be forgiven. Such flaws that there were, one imagined. Such flaws that there will be, shall not come. For forgiveness opens up the freedom to change.

What occurs in the space between us? A fit of fancy that stirs one to seek higher ground. A labeling that renders one labelless. A sweet piece of feeling that inspires, each moment a crystal glacier resting upon the sea inside me. The worlds contained in such a moment, the mind cannot know.

It is a sort of hollow place where I nestle in comfortably, a hollow place that expands as I fill it.

For what is it, after all, to feel embarrassed? Only a little bit of closeness that dignity haughtily dismissed.

Such is the path I have trodden, up and over and down and below, and so it stretches before me. There is nothing to choose.

Alone or in company, my heart has been filled with heady wonder.

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