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Post #100

September 16, 2011

It’s my 100th post!!  I can’t believe it.  To celebrate, I am doing a series of 10 10 posts: ten posts, each one listing 10 things.

#1: 10 Things I’ve Learned Since Starting My Blog

#2: 10 Great Books I’ve Read Since Starting My Blog

#3: 10 Favorite Songs Since…you get it.

#4: 10 Favorite Food Memories

#5: 10 Favorite Place I’ve visited

#6: 10 Best Snapshots I’ve Taken

#7: 10 Favorite Restaurants

#8: 10 Favorite Movies

#9: 10 Favorite Blogs I’ve Found Recently

#10: 10 Things I’ll Do Differently…Starting Now

Here’s the first list: 10 Things I’ve Learned Since Starting My Blog.

10: The way things are is not an accurate prediction of the way things will be.

9: Always make your bed before you leave the house.  Not that I always do this, but at least I know I should.

8: Soup is the best meal to eat alone, especially if you add an egg before you microwave it and top it with Aglio & Pepperoncino before you eat it.

7: Always bring your camera everywhere!

6: If you plan to fail…you fail to plan.

5: The most valuable time is time you set aside just for yourself.

4: You can take the girl out of Connecticut…but you can’t take Connecticut out of the girl.

3: A lot of bartenders don’t know that they should shake a whiskey sour.  Activate the sour mix, guys…otherwise it just doesn’t taste right.

2: Even if you say or think that you don’t know what you really want, you do know.  And you’ve known for a long time.

1: Put everything in God’s hands.  Relax and have faith.

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