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Addicted to Quilting

June 20, 2011

Last weekend, I met up with my fabulous mom for a QUILTING RETREAT in Connecticut!  Since I came back from Italy, my mom and I had been working really hard on a queen-size quilt (the third quilt we’ve done together).  We used mostly Jennifer Paganelli fabric scraps to create a riot of colors that truly exemplify the pattern’s name “Gemstones.”  Despite all of our labors, the day of my departure for New York City arrived and we had not yet assembled the quilt top.  After my mom carried me kicking and screaming away from the sewing machine and into the minivan for the long drive across New York State, I reluctantly left the quilt’s scattered pieces behind me.  (Yes, the first part of that sentence is an exaggeration, but in the days before I left home, I devoted an unhealthy part of my “packing time” to “quilting time.”  And on the day of my move-out, I was drinking my coffee, as had become my routine, at the sewing machine…when my mom came in and kicked me out!)

I was sooo curious to see what the quilt would look like once it had been assembled, since the pattern is actually quite clever and creates an optical illusion.  Thankfully, my mom drove down with all of the materials for the retreat, and I took the train out to Wilton so that we could finish it together.  We worked tirelessly along with the other quilters at the retreat, inspired by their creativity and creative humor.  So we finished the front and started piecing the back.

Thanks soooo much to Melinda of Quiltn in Wilton for hosting us!!  Look what she made…

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