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Lezioni di Italiano

April 17, 2011

Elisa and I by the castle in Ferrara

A few phrases from my good friend Elisa:

rottame: wasted or very tired

imbucarsi: to mail a letter, or to squeeze your way out into traffic

tirare il pacco: to stand someone up

bidonare: to stand someone up

pieno bussato: really full (like a restaurant)

pubettino: a small-ish pub.

In a sentence: Guarda che oggi io sono un rottame.  Ieri sera una mia amica mi ha bidonato, poi un’altra mi ha tirato il pacco.  Alla fine io e un paio di altri amici siamo andati a un pubettino abbastanza fighetto che conosciamo ma era pieno bussato e non ci siamo riusciti a imbucarci!  Poi dopo siamo andati a un’altro posticino lì vicino dove abbiamo cominciato a bere. note–text approved by elisa!

Translation: I’m exhausted today.  Yesterday evening one of my friends didn’t show up, and then another friend also stood me up.  Finally a few other friends and I went to a cool little pub that we know but it was really full and we couldn’t get in!  Then we went to another little place nearby where we began to drink.

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  1. May 8, 2011 3:11 pm

    You two are so beautiful! Welcome back to America! As much as it sounds you miss Italy already, I’m sure the beautiful memories will inspire all of your days here until you return! Beautiful Easter cake by the way! I’m so wanting to make something like that now. Happy day to you!
    Juliane of

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