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Finally, a New Post! (What the heck have I been up to?)

March 17, 2011

Quite a lot, I suppose.  And I feel really bad that I haven’t written about it on my blog.  But I have been taking lots of photos and preparing a bunch of posts.  So, to atone for my long silence, I am promising myself that I will update When Nutmeg Met Basil every single day until I return to America!  Can I do it?  I hope so.  Some of the posts will be short, but there will be activity.

Part One: Adventures at Home & Away!

Let me look back through my photos so that I can remember…

In Paris!

I had a really great weekend in Paris with my fantastic friend Gaelle, who lives on the Ile St Louis, right in the center of Paris.  Since I had already seen most of the touristy sights last time I visited, we spent our time shopping, people-watching, and partaking whole-heartedly in the culinary delights of France.

Plus, there was the added benefit that I forced her to tell me words in French, and then embarrassed her by trying to speak French to the Parisian waiters who of course all spoke English.  And then I embarrassed her more by taking pictures of my food in restaurants.  During the course of the weekend I realized that French is awesome and I need to learn it, and I also learned that French food is awesome and I need to eat it again….and I realized that Paris is incredible and I’m coming back to stay with Gaelle again before she leaves.

a sundrenched salad topped with chevre on toast

to be continued….

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