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Back In Florence!

February 19, 2011

After 7 weeks in Italy (just over halfway through my 90-day tourist visa), it is a great feeling to be back in Tuscany, seeing familiar sights and familiar faces.

Emilia Romagna is an awesome region with fantastic food and great people, but it can never win over the space in my heart dedicated to Florence.

Florence was where I learned Italian, so the Florentine accent is the one I prefer.  Florence was where I discovered the joys of la cucina italiana–so I’ll always feel at home with its food.

And most of all, Florence was where I immersed myself in the family culture of the Italian table.  One of the major things I realized in the process of writing this blog and returning to Italy is that above and beyond the quality of Italian food, the element of Italy I held closest to my heart was the family food culture.

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