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Land of Fantasy, part two

November 12, 2010

Italy is a country in which chocolate is considered good for your health.

In un mondo sempre più attento alla qualità e a una corretta alimentazione, è giusto che si sappia di più su un alimento come il cioccolato, per tanto tempo considerato solo come consumo frivolo, o addirittura di scarso valore nutrizionale.

Al contrario, il cioccolato ci sorprende per le sue infinite proprietà e per i positivi effetti sull’organismo. Andiamo alla scoperta di tutti i benefici del cibo degli dei.


In a world increasingly attentive to quality and good nutrition, it makes sense to know more about a food like chocolate, which has been for ages considered only a frivolous treat, or even with no nutritional value.

By contrast, chocolate surprises us with its infinitely good and positive effects on the human body.  Let’s discover all of the benefits of the food of the gods.

That’s from Perugina’s Italian website.  Chocolate is good for you!  Admittedly, this message comes to us from a company selling you chocolate.  And we’ve all heard about the positive effects of a few squares of dark chocolate a day, along with one ounce of red wine, etc.  But I think this message is less “consume your antioxidants” and more about this simple, accepted fact of Italian life:

Pleasure is good for you.

Food is sexy.  Check out this quick ad for yogurt.  Do you consider yogurt a sexy food?



Text at the end of the clip: Fate l’amore con il sapore. Make love with the taste.

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